The ACLP is a unique relationship between two leading institutions - The University of Hong Kong and the Clore Leadership Programme in the UK. The association is a cutting-edge initiative, designed to create a vibrant and forward-looking approach to the question of cultural leadership. With its mix of local and international experts, the cooperation between HKU and Clore will bring a global perspective to the region’s unique needs and sensibilities, promoting a dialogue that will lead to informed decisions and new strategies for the transformation of the cultural landscape.

the association between HKU and Clore will bring a global perspective on the region’s unique needs and sensibilities


The programme recognises the frenetic pace of the region and is designed to maximise time without requiring cultural leaders to leave their work for extended periods. The one-year programme is composed of short but intense courses. Most of these courses are residential. Such concentrated periods of high-quality teaching and small group discussions will foster innovative thinking, while bringing participants and faculty closely together to form a network of shared expertise, and provide an environment for customised learning and personalised consultancy.

the programme will foster innovative thinking and provide an environment for customised learning


15 - 20 participants will be admitted onto the programme each year. Applicants require a minimum of 5 years leadership experience, with a significant track record in the cultural sector. By selecting the very best candidates we ensure that all participants will learn from each other, and form a dynamic group open to discuss issues freely.


As much as we believe in bringing the world to Hong Kong in this programme, overseas exposure is also vital to provide a fresh perspective from the outside. An optional field trip is therefore scheduled to take place in Taiwan. The ACLP will also create opportunities for its participants to undertake overseas visits to prominent cultural institutions.


On completion, participants will be awarded a certificate that will give them membership of the Cultural Leadership Academy at HKU. The Academy will include the ACLP speakers and participants, and will form one of the most prestigious and powerful networks in the cultural sector as it expands. The Academy will provide fertile ground for members to continue learning from each other beyond the ACLP.