Advanced Cultural Leadership Programme 2016/17

Visionary, transformative course

  • Face-to-face residential programme
  • International world-class faculty
  • Case studies led by experienced practitioners involved in the actual cases
  • Inspiring & reflective surrounds of Beas River Country Club
  • Open discussion & develop supportive network across the cultural sector
  • Faculty
  • Distinctive features


ACLP 2016/17 Programme Brochure


Hong Kong is experiencing a cultural awakening. The region’s aspiration to become an international cultural hub requires a new initiative, sustained at the highest level, to enable cultural leaders to steer the way forward and transform the environment.

The Advanced Cultural Leadership Programme (ACLP) is designed to meet this challenge, providing outstanding cultural leaders with the practical skills, intellectual perspectives and global networks needed to seize new opportunities, strengthen their organisations and deliver a world-class vision. The ACLP is the first cultural leadership programme in Asia, with distinctive features designed to address the issues facing the region at an international level.

The ACLP is the first cultural leadership programme in Asia