Event Highlights

ACLP Retreats & local module

The flagship programme of ACLP is designed for cultural practitioners who have work experience in a leadership position in the arts or related fields. Two residential retreats are conducted in Beas River Country Club which is a membership club house away from the hustle and bustle of the city in Hong Kong while the local module takes place in the campus of The University of Hong Kong.

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ACLP Cultural Tour to Hualien and Taitung (Taiwan)

The East Coast region of Taiwan, unlike the highly industrialized West Coast region, remains largely an unspoiled land with vast natural beauty. The Hualien and Taitung regions have the rich heritage of the aboriginal tribes who have resided there for centuries; however, it is realized that most of the social issues besieging the aboriginal families could be attributed to the fact that the local tribal economy is still mainly driven by agricultural activities that really cannot provide enough jobs and adequate income for an average family.

Mr. Stanley Yen, Chairman of the Alliance Cultural Foundation, believes that the only viable solution to those issues is to build a local platform that enables sustainable job creation and economic growth to attract the out-of-town aboriginal people back home.

During this trip, the guests have the opportunity to learn firsthand some of the cultural and redevelopment projects that the Foundation has been working with the local communities through site visits and sharings with guest speakers including Mr Stanley Yen and Ms Hsu Lu (CEO of the Lovely Taiwan).

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Cultural Leadership Youth Workshop (for university students)

Programme Highlights

This 1.5 day intensive workshop provides young leaders with practical skills, strategic vision and intellectual perspectives to help shape the local cultural landscape. 30 participants from universities in HK joined this workshop.

Instead of a series of lectures, participants about cultural leadership through group activities, discussion and reflection. They met both international and local cultural leaders from different performing arts and explored the challenges faced by artists and arts administrators when seizing new opportunities.

DAY 1 - Can I be a Cultural Leader?
DAY 2 - Practical Workshop

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Cultural Leadership Youth Camp
Jointly organized with Hong Kong Arts Development Council

20 arts ambassadors from secondary schools across Hong Kong were brought together in a three-day/two-night camp where they acquired skills and knowledge for developing their career aspirations in the arts and cultural sector.

Guest speakers


  • Rob Elkington, Director of Arts Connect West Midlands, based at the University of Wolverhampton.
  • Prof. Daniel K L Chua, Director of the Advanced Cultural Leadership Programme, The University of Hong Kong
  • Joanne Chan, Founder of Per Artem Lumen Limited.
  • Joseph Chan, Founding Director of the Comtale Ltd.; Architect
  • Martin Fung, CULTURE+, Founder; Architect
  • Jenny Lee, Founder and Artistic Director of The Silver Club
  • Paul Tam, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Ballet
  • William Yip, Founder & Artistic Director of Theatre Noir Foundation


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Cultural Leadership Summit 2014
Co-presented with Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association

Hong Kong has been viewed as an international financial centre for years. Its creative industry and local cultural 'soft power', however, seems to have been underrated.

Today, the presentation of a city's cultural profile has become a key strategy in demonstrating its vibrancy and quality of life. Hong Kong has rich heritage resources, world-class performing arts groups, internationally acclaimed filmmakers, writers, visual artists and designers: how can we tell the world about this aspect of our city?

The 2014 Cultural Leadership Summit - Branding Hong Kong Through the Arts, co-organised by HKU ACLP and HKAAA, focused on this question. We invited more than 40 of the best minds, both locally and from overseas, in the arts and creative industry to join us in discussion on issues such as the involvement the cultural sector in city branding, the branding of Hong Kong through cooperation with other countries, the significance of cultural diplomacy in promoting a city to the world, and the roles and identities of branding partners.

2014 Cultural Leadership Summit Leaflet


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Alumni Events

Alumni events are constantly organised for ACLP Fellows for networking and knowledge exchange.


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A Board or Bored Member – how to engage with governance?

This was inter-active workshop for 15-20 people, with the minimum of “lecturing” and the maximum of addressing issues in a practical way. This workshop enabled Board members to agree key future action points for their own role within their organisations. The topics addressed in the break-out session was tailored to the needs of the Board members.

Speakers:Prue Skene, Chair Free Word and Governance Associate of the Clore Leadership Programme

John Holden, Visiting Professor, City University, London, and Associate, Demos
Audience:Board members of cultural organisations


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West Kowloon: A Cultural District in the Making

The WKCD project’s ambitions are not only about building a massive cultural precinct, but also revolutionizing the cultural landscape of the city and beyond. It will only be achieved through the development of software – the programming, the audience, the capacity, the public expectation and the brand – that goes hand in hand with the building of venues and their supporting infrastructure. This presentation outlined how the West Kowloon Cultural District is being shaped and developed, both in terms of its hardware and software, to become a place for everyone.

Speaker: Bonny Wong, Director, CEO’s Office, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

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Public Forum – Cultural Leadership: The Asian Way
Jointly organized with Hong Kong British Council

Public were invited to join cultural leaders from Asia and the UK to explore how the value of culture is perceived in Asia, what the immediate challenges are for the cultural sector in the region, and how leadership can be nurtured locally.


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