World-Class Faculty


The University of Hong Kong has nurtured many artists and cultural leaders in Hong Kong and Asia. It continues to play a significant role in pioneering innovative programmes and research projects that intersect with cultural and artistic initiatives. Drawing on such vibrant intellectual resources, the ACLP will involve leading academics from different Faculties, ranging from Arts, Architecture to Business and Education, as well as cross-disciplinary hubs, such as

  • - Journalism and Media Studies Centre
  • - Centre for the Humanities and Medicine
  • - Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • - HKU Shanghai Study Centre
  • - General Education Unit
  • - University Artists Scheme hosted by the Faculty of Arts

Leaders from government, community, cultural and business sectors will also be invited to contribute to the programme, addressing issues such as cultural tourism, heritage, conservation, cultural entrepreneurship, and the creative industries in the context of a global city.

The Clore Leadership Programme has helped re-shape cultural leadership in the UK, and has a proven track-record of developing outstanding individuals from around the world as heads of cultural organisations and innovative projects. It has drawn from its distinguished network of leaders to provide an international faculty for the ACLP. These tutors have been chosen not only for their expertise and experience, but also for their ability to interact with participants and invest in the potential of each individual.


ACLP Faculty will include